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TMI makes no guarantee that your ad campaign will be profiable.

TMI offers the least expensive method for any small business with a limited budget to begin advertising before a portion of the national TV audience but be advised that advertising a new product or service may not be profitable.  

Our refund policy is simple.  Until TMI begins work on your ads,  You may request, and you will receive a refund.

TMI must purchase air time consistent with the rules of each  individual station.  Every station has different rules but most are willing to work with TMI.  Since TMI must conpensate every station in advance, and since your studio production costs are not included in your ad prices, TMI must ask you to pay when you place an order. 

TMI must have the flexibility to move your ads to another group of participating stations with you approval, if, for any reason, your chosen group of stations becomes unavailable or your campaign is not approved by one or more stations. 

In cases where TV campaigns are so small for TMI, below $10,000.00,  we may consolidate two or more campaigns to complete a buy.  If this is necessary in your case, TMI will make every attempt to place your ads pro-rata on fewer stations than the standard fifteen station package. 

You will be notified of times and air dates at least 5 days before each campaign begins to air.  You will also receive a affidavit of performance from each station confirming that your ads were run during the times, and in the manner agreed.


In establishing links, you must not represent that you have received the endorsement of The Media Intersection or the endorsement of any networks that air TMI infomercials.

If TMI provides links or pointers to your web site, no inference or assumption should be made and no representation should be implied that TMI operates or controls your web site.

The Media Intersection is not responsible for the content or practices of third party web sites that may be linked to this site. This site may also be linked to other web sites operated by companies affiliated or connected with The Media Intersection. When visiting other web sites, however, you should refer to each such web site's individual "Terms of Use" and not rely on this statement.

The Media Intersection takes no responsibility for third party advertisements which are posted on this site, nor does it take any responsibility for the quality of the goods or services advertised on TMI infomercials.

TMI is a new concept in advertising which will obviously evolve.  We welcome the challenge.  We invite your comments and suggestions.  Again, welcome to The Media Intersection!          
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