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Take a few more minutes to read these rules so you will understand our service.  Feel free to call us at (281) 599-9800.  We will be happy to answer your questions.

When TMI makes a "buy" it pays for air time in advance.  This "buy" secures a large inventory of television advertising which TMI offers to businesses such as yours. TMI offers advertising packages on many stations, with no guarantee that any campaign will be successful.  
Since TMI must pay in advance, we ask you to pay when you place an order. 

All TV campaign are funded at least 10 days prior to airing. 
You will be notified of your airing schedule at least five days in advance.    You will not know the exact time for each airing of each of spot because spots are scheduled as BTA, best time available.

However, ROS (run of schedule) BTA broadcast TV and radio packages WILL air your individual ad at the best available time during the standard broadcast day but can't be pre-scheduled as "fixed time" without paying a higher rate. Therefore, when your ads air on any standard radio or television boadcast  stations, we will require each station to send you an affidavit, after the fact, showing where and when your ads aired. See examples of (ROS) packages.    

Re-broadcasting of your ads by your company is allowed by TMI, consistent with the agreements TMI makes with individual clients.

TMI will always allow "in store" video displays, web site videos, CD Rom prospecting mailers, conventions and trade show presentations, and VHS mail campaigns where TMI produced credits are included in the videos.

TMI will not produce a spot to be aired by non associated broadcast outlets who may seek to match TMI rates by using TMI's productions.

  NOTE:  Televison ads can cost over $10,000.00 each to produce.  TMI can produce most 30 second TV spots for $1,500.00.

TMI ads are designed to be non-time sensitive so they may run many times in several TMI packages, hopefully, building upon the relationship and record of success TMI establishes with you, the client. 

You (the client) must agree with our rules before you buy a package.  When you make your payment by check or by "PayPal", you automatically agree to accept our rules.

Except for the dollar amount of your purchase, The Media Intersection has no knowledge of your secure financial information.  Both payment systems are very secure.  

NOTE: We do not accept most gambling, personal, or adult sites and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  Any refusal will be accompanied by a refund.
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