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Fred and Linda Lundgren are the founders and 100% owners of The Media Intersection.  They live with daughters Eden and Brianna in an unincorporated community between Houston and Katy, Texas.  Click HERE for complete bio of Fred Lundgren.

Fred Lundgren is a broadcast licensee and  native of the Austin area.  Fred has built and owned radio stations in several states and currently serves as President of Broadcast Management Services, Inc., the licensee of KCAA 1050 AM Radio at Loma Linda, California, a station his company upgraded and moved to Loma Linda from it's original home at Big Bear lake, California.  Fred and Linda also own interests in stations in other states. 

Linda is a native of Houston and has been a real estate agent in the Houston metro area since 1980. 

Linda's son Derek, at age 24, has already made his mark as one of the co-founders of erealty.com and, more recently as the founder of www.iceventure.com  a video production company.  Derek has mastered video editing.  His many skills are essential for the success of tmivision.

Fred's sons certainly took different forks in the road.  His oldest son Kevin is a farmer and produce grower east of Austin and his younger son Michael owns


Michael designs and builds communications systems for schools and commercial buildings with fiberoptics installation a primary focus. He is also an amateur photographer and accomplished video editor.

On the lighter side, since the summer of 1998, Fred and Linda have owned and operated a website that has become surprisingly popular.  The site is called EZ Treehouse Plans and yes, it sells one product only, a very adaptable treehouse plan. 

The site can be found at, or near, the top of all major search engines using the search term "treehouse plans" or at the following URL,


Fred and Linda are proud to say the site has motivated thousands of parents and grandparents to build treehouses for their children.

The Media Intersection was inspired by Fred's struggle to  understand the growing universe of the Internet.  He is frustrated by a system which forces people with limited resources into spending too much money for advertising with little or no return. 

He is determined to improve the "culture" of the Internet that has heretofore convinced start-up companies to spend tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on projects when a few hundred dollars plus a working knowledge of the Internet would have been more helpful and more profitable. 

The product of this struggle is a new way to advertise.  It's so affordable that it can be used by anyone who can afford to buy an email list or even a small classified newspaper ad. 
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